It is said that playing imaginative games is a sign of high intelligence, and seeing as the entire Drennen family has genious level intelligence, that must be true! But even if it is not, we love to play games that engage the mind and invigourate the spirit. Here are some of the kinds of games we love to play.

  • GO: An advanced Chinese strategy game (think chess times 10). Wayne has created a cool site, GO for Beginners, that teaches the rules and some basic strategy.
    GO For Beginners Web Site
  • Mahjongg: This tile game swept the nation in the 1950's and 60's. I wish we were around then! We love to play Mahjongg (the real game, not the tile stacking game), but it is so hard to find other players to complete a foursome! See what we do instead.
    MahJongg Page
  • Role Playing: We do it live, we do it in our heads, we do it with cards, we do it on the computer... You name it, we like it as long as it has to do with role playing. We have compiled our favorites (complete with links) here.
    Role Playing Page