Kalman Management, Inc.
Logo, web site & CD design

Kalman Management is located in Libertyville, Illinois. The client chose a blue and gold color scheme, sent in several beautiful photographs of the communities they manage, and left the rest up to the artist. With the purchase of their web site, they needed web site design, and a custom CD to help sell their services. They had no existing logo, so they needed one of those as well.

Andrea liked the sound of 'Libertyville', which reminded her of the nuclear 50's when patriotism was at an all time high. Andrea designed the logo first with that concept in mind, blending the company name with a circular explosive symbol and the fresh, bright oranges and reds of the 50's. The web site and CD graphics were all designed around the logo concept, and incorporated the client's photos as well.

Visit Kalman's web site at: www.kalmanmanagement.com