WAD Color Picker

What It Is

WAD Color Picker is one of our all time favorite utilities. Andrea uses the program on a daily basis for web and graphic design, and Wayne uses it when writing in VB and Delphi. WAD Color Picker is a graphic utility that allows you to pick up a color appearing anywhere on the screen (in any program) and then instantly displays that color in five different color codes: RGB, HSL, C Hex, HTML Hex, and VB/Delphi Long Number.

Download a Copy

Click Here to download your FREE copy of WAD Color Picker! 220kb

Version 3.0 Now Available, Upgrade Today!

Version 3.0 brings you the most ambitious color picker available on the market. So many new features and improvements are in this version, you will wonder how you ever lived without the WAD Color Picker! See what's new

WAD Color Picker reports the RGB, C Hexadecimal, HTML Hexadecimal, HSL, and Long (VB/Delphi) color code of any selected pixel.

TIP: Typing into any of the fields will display the entered color, thus allowing you to quickly translate color values.

Copy and Paste values into any program.

Images show program actual size

Clicking the Eyedropper will allow you to "Pick Up" any color in any pixel on the screen - even if it is in another program or on a toolbar or taskbar!

Move the mouse around to determine and easily match colors from any icon, graphic, or button.

The Zoom Image allows you to view and select the exact pixel of the color you wish to select.

An unlimited number of color schemes may be saved, loaded, and deleted via the file menu.

Left clicking with the eyedropper adds a color  to the current color value (0), right clicking with the eyedropper adds the color to the currently selected position in the color scheme.

Colors in the scheme may be named with code snippets. Note the example to the right using Delphi color codes.
  1. Simply enter code you wish to paste for each color - color code may be entered as (c), [c] or {c}
  2. Select the radio button for the color code you wish to be copied
  3. Define separators for the color codes
  4. Copy code* for all colors, or a single selected color
  5. Paste code into programming language

*Instead of pasting code, you may choose to paste color swatches.

Install Instructions

  1. Click here to initiate the download.
  2. Select Run from Current Location, or Open.*
  3. Check the options you wish to install.
  4. If desired, click Change install Path to install in a new location.
  5. Click Install Now.
* If you wish to install WAD Color Picker later, you may save it to your computer and run the install at any time.

Technical Support

Technical support is provided via e-mail only. For technical support send your name, contact info, and problem to Wayne Drennen

What's New

Version 3.0

  • Install Program Added - Now you can run the WAD Color Picker install to choose installation options, and define starting locations.

  • Uninstall Program Added - Of course, we hope you will continue to use WAD Color Picker forever, but if you should choose to uninstall it, you may now safely do so via the uninstaller.
  • Help System Added - To help you better understand the new features, we have added a help system. Simply click Help, Help Topics to activate it.
  • Run at Windows Startup added - Click Options, Run at Windows Startup to add WAD Color Picker to your startup menu.
  • Start Minimized Added - Click Options, Start Minimized to have the program open minimized in the system tray.
  • Minimize now reduces the program to an icon in the system tray instead of a program button.
  • Added a licensing agreement.
  • Zoom levels increased - You can now zoom up to 43x43 pixels in the zoom window.
  • Mouse Wheel support added - Using the mouse wheel will now scroll through colors in the selected color scheme, or through zoom levels when the eyedropper tool is selected.
  • Hot Key added - Hold shift move the mouse arrow to quickly pick up a color under the mouse cursor without the eyedropper.
  • Set color options added - Right click the color swatch and select a scheme level to add the zero level color to a position in the color scheme.

Version 2.0

  • Zoom Window added - clicking the zoom menu will allow you to select a number of zoom settings for the zoom window, from 1x1 to 15x15 pixel zoom.

  • Six level color schemes added. Schemes may be saved, loaded and deleted via the file menu. Colors within the scheme may be named and copied from. (name a color in the scheme with the exact code you need for quick copy and paste color settings, ie Color=[c])

  • Copy Code function allows color scheme code to be copied and pasted en masse into a programming language. Separator settings ensure that copied  code is correctly formatted.

  • Copy Swatch function allows color scheme color swatches to be copied and pasted into any program. This is great for defining spot colors.

  • Hexadecimal color code for C programmers added.

  • Hue, Saturation and Luminescence code added (Code matches HSL for Windows Paintbrush. HSL settings may vary for Photoshop users)

  • Stay on Top option added for program "Sticky" needs. (This feature allows you to use another program's eyedropper tool to select a color from Color Picker - especially useful for Photoshop users) 

  • Tool Tips added to all features to increase user friendliness.