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2000 - Present, TOPS Software

Director of Publishing & Standards                                April 2000– Present
TOPS Software  Gaithersburg, MD

Responsible for all electronic and print media leaving the company. Serve as E-Mail Administrator, Webmaster for 4 large web sites ( over 2000 pages), Technical Writer for manuals and online help, Editor for 8 page quarterly newsletter and 3 monthly e-zines, Graphic Designer (for all ads, fliers, trade show displays, manuals, newsletters, and websites), Marketing, and Quality Assurance. Also act as sole support technician for website product supporting over 100 management and community web sites.

2000, Phillips Publishing International

Corporate Trainer/Technical Writer                  January 2000– March 2000
Phillips Publishing  Rockville, MD

Produced 13 training manuals in a space of 3 months. Each manual was between 50 and 150 pages. Taught using written manuals in a series of 1/2 day classes. Maintained a 10 computer classroom network. Conducted weekly company orientations. Designed 112 slide presentation for use in orientations. Almost died from exhaustion.

1997 - 2000, Computer Software Trainer, CompUSA

Instructor Development Regional Contact         January 1999 – July 1999
CompUSA  Eastern US based in Columbia, MD

In addition to primary training duties, in charge of managing instructor development (certifications, outsourced training and resources, incentives, and tracking) for the eastern region. As IDRC, was in charge of instructor development for each of the trainers in 12 stores and policy development for ISD program company wide. Received recognition in corporate newsletter for development of instructor development tracking database. This volunteer position was held in addition to the following position until July, 1999 when the corporate office dissolved the position company wide.

Lead Technical Trainer                                          June 1998 – January 2000
CompUSA    Columbia, MD

Conduct training classes in a wide variety of computer software packages. In addition to primary training duties, in charge of training instructors, scheduling instructors for classes, operational assistance and providing assistance to Training Center Business Manager. Achieved Lead Technology Trainer certification and CTT (Certified Technical Trainer). Designed signs, brochures and other promotional materials for the training center and for the Columbia store. Technical manual writing: Advanced Front Page ’98, Access 97: Application Development, An HTML Primer, and cc:Mail 8.0 A to Z.

Software Instructor                                                      May 1997 – June 1998
CompUSA     Rockville, MD

Conducted training classes in a wide variety of computer software packages. Developed three new programs to assist in marketing: Rockville Center Web Site, Saturday Specials, and Members Only events. Achieved Technology Trainer certification, MOE (Microsoft Office Expert) certification, and specialized in graphics and web design. Responsible for scheduling instructors for classes. Technical manual writing: Introduction to Digital Imaging, and assisted with Designing Macros in Excel.

1996 - Present, Drennen Computer Consultants & Technicians

DCCT Silver Spring, MD

Design, create, troubleshoot, update and maintain web sites as well as providing consulting of the same for existing webs. Provide assorted computer consulting in the form of graphic design, publication design, banner design, setup, preventive maintenance, troubleshooting, training, document and template setup and programming.  Clients include: TOPS Software,, NuLife Health Garden, WorldNet International, SuperKrypt File Encryption, The Trainer Pages, Plumb Square Building Group, Marketing Technology, Amazing World of Computers, and various personal home pages.

Software Instructor                                                      April 1996 – May 1997
subcontracting: Sytel Corporation, Delta Microsystems, Barrow Enterprises, and NETC

At Sytel Corporation: Conducted multi-day seminars to train adults in various software packages. Assisted in developing courseware for the following packages: Word Perfect 6.0a, Word Perfect 6.1, Microsoft Windows ’95, Microsoft Word 7.0, Microsoft PowerPoint 4.0 and Pegasus Mail 2.21. Clients included US Census Bureau, FDA, SAMHSA, AHCPR and USDA.

At Delta Microsystems: Conducted Office Automation series for unemployed individuals seeking to increase their career abilities.

At Barrow Enterprises: Conducted all computer training for the Embassy of Kenya as well as various one-on-one training with small business clients.

At National Educational Training Centers: Conducted multi-day seminars to train adults in various software packages; clients included US Department of Defense, National Post Office and private industry clientele.

Software Packages Known/Taught:

Operating Systems

Microsoft Windows 3.X, ’95, ’98, ME, XP
Microsoft Windows NT v. 3.5-4.0, 2000
MS DOS v. 5 – 6.22
Mac OS v. 7 – 10

Office Suites

Microsoft Word v. 6.0 – XP
Microsoft PowerPoint v. 4.0 – XP
Microsoft Excel v. 5 – XP
Microsoft Works
Corel WordPerfect v. 4.2 – 2000
Corel Quatro Pro v. 7 – 2000
Corel Presentations v. 7 – 2000
Novell WP Presentations v. 2.0
Harvard Graphics v. 5.0
Lotus 123 v. 2.3 – 97
Lotus Word Pro (Ami Pro)
Sidekick v. 6.0 – 8
Microsoft Word v. 6 - 98 (MAC)
Microsoft Excel v. 6 – 98 (MAC)
Claris Works
Apple Works


Microsoft Access v. 2 – XP
Paradox v. 7.0 – 8.0
File Maker (and Pro) (MAC/PC)
Borland dBase and Visual dBase v. 5.0
Act v. 2.0 – 2000
Lotus Notes
Oracle v. 9


Quark Xpress v. 3.3 – 5.0
Adobe Acrobat 3.0-4.0
Adobe PageMaker v. 6.0 – 6.5
Microsoft Publisher v. 4 – XP

Web Design

Macromedia Dreamweaver 4.0 - MX 2004
Macromedia Flash 5.0 - MX 2004
Microsoft Front Page v. 1.1 – XP
Adobe PageMill


Adobe Photoshop v. 3.0 – CS
Adobe Illustrator v. 9-CS
Corel Draw! v. 6 – 11
Corel PhotoPaint v. 6 – 11
Corel Lumiere
Macromedia Fireworks v. 4.0 - MX 2004
Freehand v. 10.0 - MX 2004
Jasc Paint Shop Pro v. 4.0 - 5.0
Microsoft Image Composer v. 1 – 1.5
Microsoft PhotoDraw 2000
Ulead GIF Animator v. 3.0-4.0


TOPS 2000 v.1.0-3.1
Quick Books Pro
One Write Plus


Microsoft Exchange
Microsoft Schedule Plus
Microsoft Outlook (and Express)
Microsoft Internet Explorer v. 2 – 6.0
Lotus cc:Mail
Pegasus Mail
Eudora Mail
Netscape v. 2.0 – 6.23


Robohelp Office v. 200-2002
TOPS On-Site v.1.0
Class Act!
SuperKrypt (and S/K Vault)


HTML Scripting
VB Script

Technical Writing:

Training Manuals

- An Introduction to Digital Imaging
- Access '97: Using Tables
- Access '97: Queries
- Access '97: Forms and Reports
- Access '97: Tips and Tricks
- Access ’97: Application Development
- An Introduction to Act
- cc:Mail 8.0 A to Z
- An HTML Primer
- HTML Introduction Level 1
- HTML Introduction Level 2
- Designing Macros in Excel
- An Introduction to Front Page '98
- Advanced Design Using Front Page ’98
- An Introduction to SQL
- Photoshop 5.5: Montages
- Photoshop 5.5: Text Effects
- Photoshop 5.5: Color Theory
- Quark Xpress 4.0 Level 1
- Quark Xpress 4.0 Level 2

User Manuals and Program Help

- TOPS 2000™ Quick Start Guide
- TOPS 2000™ User Manual
- TOPS 2000™ Online Help
- TOPS On-Site™ User Manual
- TOPS On-Site™ Online Help
- TOPS Commuinity Web User Manual
- TOPS Property Mgmt Web User Manual
- TOPS Palm Interface User Manual
- TOPS Palm Interface Online Help
- TOPS Gatehouse User Manual
- WAD Color Picker Online Help
- WAD Paper Online Help

Other Writing

- The TOPS News, a quarterly 12pg newsletter.
- TOPS Insider, monthly eZine
- onTOPS, monthly eZine
- TOPS Home, monthly eZine
- Monthly Technical Column in Community Association Publishing mags (3 magazines)



CTT – Certified Technical Trainer
MOE – Microsoft Office Expert
MOUS – MS Office User Specialist:
     Word (Expert Level)
     Excel (Expert Level)
     PowerPoint (Expert Level)
     Access (Expert Level)
Photoshop Master Level Certificate from


Montgomery College          1992 – 1994
Tacoma Park, MD

Parkdale High School    Graduated 1991
Riverdale, MD