Consulting Services

Hi! I am Andrea Drennen. I live in Clearwater, Florida with my husband Wayne Drennen, and our son, Marcus Alexander Drennen. Wayne and I are computer professionals, and we both work for TOPS Software in Gaithersburg. Wayne is the Director of Programming there, and I am the Internet Services Manager.

In addition to our work for TOPS, Wayne and I like to keep up our skills by taking on freelance work for small businesses and charities. While our skill set allows us to do just about anything a potential customer may need, we tend to target a specific range of services:

  • Logo and identity design
  • Web site design and setup
  • Web site copywriting/copyediting
  • Flash applications, applets, and animations
  • Internet pogramming
  • Game programming

Please check out our portfolio for some examples of our work, or visit the software section to download some of the Freeware and Shareware products Wayne has developed. Wayne and I are also available for consulting purposes. If you are interested in more information, or would like to request our services, please click here.


Andrea J. Master-Drennen


(727) 831-5291