Our Family

Our family recently expanded. (Or at least I did!) Marcus Alexander Drennen was born on December 27, 2001. He was 9 pounds, 11 ounces, and 21.75 inches long. You can read his birth story in my journal.

Being new parents is an experience I could never wish on anyone, yet I wish absolutely everyone could experience it. We vaccilate between complete exhaustion and the most complete and consuming love that either of us has ever felt. It is amazing. This is an exciting and kind of scary time for us. The animals, on the other hand, are taking it completely in stride.

Coopurr is our kitty cat. He is buff colored, and has a bulls eye on his side - it's a good thing that he is not an outdoor cat! Wayne loves to say Coo Purr when something makes him very happy, or is particularly sweet. Well this little kitten that I brought home one day was so sweet and lovable that we simply had to name him that.

Coopurr is the most polite cat we have ever met. Even when begging for food he politely places a paw on one's arm or leg, and looks up soulfully as if to say "May I please have some of that?" Everyone who meets him adores him, and I must say that I, too am a convert.

We are now down to only one ferret, Grace. She is an albino, and still a kit in her first year. She is extremely rambunctious and active. She loves to run around, and looks at us with soulful eyes every night when we get home from work, begging for playtime. When we do let her out for playtime, Grace streaks around like greased lightning, gleefully booping and enjoying life. You can read more about our ferrets in my journal.