Pregnancy Journal

Following is the true account of the pregnancy of Andrea Drennen and her husband Wayne Drennen. This will be our first baby, and we have been waiting six years for this time. We are both excited and terrified!

Conception - 3/28/2001

Today is the day that we made life. I didn't know it at the time, but on this day, a precious seed was planted that will one day grow into a thinking, feeling human being.

Welcome to our life, little one. May we live up to the title of being your parents!

I think I am pregnant... - 5/1/2001

By May first, I had begun to suspect that I might be pregnant. I had missed my period, my breasts were tender, I was a little moody...

Either I was going through a very prolonged period of PMS, or I was preggo. I was afraid to tell Wayne, because we have had so many false starts in the past.

Home Pregnancy Test - 5/10/2001

By now we were pretty sure we were pregnant. The test was more of a formality than anything else, but a necessary one nonetheless.

We bought it at the Food Lion accross the street from the office. We go there every morning to buy breakfast, so they all know us. When she saw the HPT, the cashier started making cute remarks and telling everyone in line about it. How embarrasing!

We went to work, and I decided to do it right away. I went to the bathroom, and a few minutes later went into Wayne's office to tell him the good news. He was so happy, but he wanted to keep it from our co-workers for a while.

Fat lot of good that decision was - we wound up telling everyone in the company before noon that day! Wayne was so excited. He kept saying "I'm going to be a daddy!".

Getting a Doctor - 5/10/2001

Well, now that we knew, we had to find a doctor that would take care of us. I got a few reccomendations, and wound up picking Dr Margolis of Capital Women's Care. It wasn't a really well thought out decision - the nurse answered the phone and actually talked to me, plus he had openings.

It was amazing to me the number of doctors who were not taking new OB patients, or simply were not available when I tried to contact them.

The GYN would not see me until a blood test had been done, but they did set an appointment for me for the 22 of May. To get the blood test, I had to get an appointment with my primary care physician, and get them to prescribe the blood test. This proved more difficult because my regular doctor was not available until too late.

So I switched primary care physicians to Dr. Kohlerman - he is the doctor that nearly everyone in the office uses, so he can't be bad! Anyway, I see him on the 15th.

Nerves... - 5/11/2001

I am nervous about this doctor's appointment. We have always knew that the PCO (Poly-Cystic Ovarian Disease) would make it difficult to conceive, but we don't know much else about it. Will it affect my pregnancy, or my baby? God I hope not! I will be asking the doctor about it first thing.

Blood Test - 5/15/2001

Today we went to the doctor to confirm the pregnancy, and get the blood test prescribed. This was the first time I have met Dr. Kohlerman. He seems like a nice man, but he had to look up PCO in a book! Kind of made me nervous.

Dr. Kohlerman sent us to a lab to get the bloodwork done right away. We had to wait a really long time, but I didn't mind because we sat and made fun of fashion magazines the whole time.

The bloodwork was kind of weird. First, everything seemed really negative. I think they mostly do drug testing at that facility, so all of the signs and paperwork, etc. was very preachy and negative. Our news was so happy, I wanted something more upbeat.

They finally placed me in this room to draw the blood. All they had in there was a sink and a primary school desk. You know the ones where the desk is a board attached to the side of the chair? I just put my arm up on the desk part, and the lady stuck me three times until she got a happy vein that was willing to give up some blood. (Mine both roll and collapse, so it is hard to get blood.)

We then had to wait for the results of the test. They said 4-6 weeks. Yeah! Now I know I am pregnant, but I thought the blood test would be more accurate? Oh well.

By the time we finally got out of there, I was starving, so we went to this horrible restaurant nearby for a late lunch. I think I had steak, but I can't be sure...

Anyway, we finally went back to work and I found out I had gotten a raise - I have now passed the 50k barrier. Wow, what a good day!

Sharing the News - 5/16/2001

We have spent the last couple of days sharing the news with everyone. Reactions have been varied, but mostly very positive. A couple of the people we told said some really special or memorable things:

Jeff (Our Boss): "I am ignoring that fact right now..."
(Okay, you are right, one day soon we will wake up and realize that we are NOT pregnant!)

Bonnie (My Mom): "Oh honey..."
(She was crying and hugging me. We told her on Mother's day. It was very special - especially because she was so happy. We thought she would be upset to learn that she was going to be a grandmother.)

Jim (My dad): "Maybe Wayne will now understand that God is God"

June (My grandmother): "I can't believe that my baby is going to be a grandmother!"
(Kind of puts a whole new spin on it, doesn't it?)

Calvin (Wayne's Dad): "That's Cool."

Loretta (Wayne's Mom):
"If I were looking for a body, I would choose to become your child"
(This makes more sense when put in perspective. She is a Scientologist, and believes that spirits choose where they want to be by moving into a fetus - thereby selecting their own parents. This was probably the highest complement that she could possibly pay us, and I was both proud and deeply touched.)

While Walking... - 8/12/2001

We went for a walk tonight (as we do often since I can't sit for extended periods of time), and a lady stopped us on the street and said I looked too young to be having a baby.
It made me laugh because I am 27 and Wayne is 30, and we tried for 6 years to get here! Anyway, she scolded us but good and then went on her way. It's amazing how many people feel they have access to your life when you are pregnent.

Baby Tenda Safety Class - 8/12/2001

We attended this safety seminar today that was sponsered by Baby Tenda. I was disappointed because the invitation thet we got in the main led us to believe that it was going to be like a baby show with lots of vendors and stuff.

Turns out it was in a conference room in the Ramada Inn, probably the most run down hotel in Rockville.

It was conducted by a man and his wife whom I assume a Baby Tenda dealers. It was all a little smarmy. I am sure their products (they have two) are very good, but I felt that we had been conned into comming, and, although we did learn some important safety info, I had to pay out two sci-fi tokens to Wayne for a very long two hours wasted.

Looking Pregnant - 8/13/2001

Lisa commented today that I finally looked pregnant! And here I thought I was looking like a beached whale for the last 2 months!

Halfway There... - 8/14/2001

We are now exactly 140 days into this pregnancy, with 140 more days to go (we hope).

Anyway, I am now very nervous because I have not yet felt the quickening. I know we are OK because every time I go to the doctor's office we get to hear the baby's heartbeat, but I still can't help but be concerned.

I am still experiencing symptoms from the first trimester, such as morning sickness, and intolerance for half the foods in the grocery, including anything with poultry in it!

Heard Heartbeat - 8/15/2001

Notes: We went to Dr. Margolis' office today. They had accidentally transferred my records to the Bethesda office, so we were not able to get the results of the spinal test. Hopefully they will have that for me by next week.

We got to listen to the baby's heartbeat again. It sounds like a galloping horse - ba-boom ba-boom ba-boom. I was glad to hear it. The Doctor said I should be feeling the quickening any day now, and certainly by next week.

Next appointment is not for another 4 weeks-September 11th at 2:30pm

The Quickening! - 8/16/2001

Wow! No sooner do I talk to the doctor about it, that I feel the quickening!

Wayne and I went to the mall for lunch at McDonnalds. While we were sitting there, I got butterflies in my stomach, I stopped Wayne in mid sentance. It was so cool!

Message Board Post - 8/30/2001

Another January Mom to Be
by: Starlite_Amare (27/F/Brentwood, MD) 08/30/01 09:21 pm
Msg: 2169 of 2251


I am new to the board so I know that none of you know me, but I have read all of the old posts, and I feel like I know all of you! I was so glad to find a place where everyone is going through the same things as I am, and at the same time!

My Husband Wayne and I are due January 2, 2002 with a little Marcus Alexander (Marcus) or Catherine Elizabeth (Cat). This will be our first baby. We tried for six years, and no sooner do we give up, when a miracle happens!

We keep getting boy vibes from my stomach, but we asked the doctor not to tell us the sex. We wanted it to be a surprise. A friend of mine asked "Don't you want to know what it is?" and my husband replied "We know what it is--It's a beautiful baby!" That's how I feel too.

I look forward to hearing from you all.

EDD 1/2/01

Pregnancy Dreams - 9/7/2001

I don't dream normal dreams since I have become pregnant. Every night, three or four times a night, I will dream some truley bizarre dream.

The other night I dreamed that the baby was punching at my belly button and the hand came out, so we pulled the entire baby out through my belly button. It was too tiny, so I kept yelling at the doctors to put it back in!

Message Board Post - 9/7/2001

by: Starlite_Amare (27/F/Brentwood, MD) 09/07/01 05:56 pm
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Is anyone else having this problem? I seem to have it 24/7, whether I eat a lot or just a cracker. I bought TUMS for the first time in my life but it doesn't seem to be working. I am afraid it might be bad if I keep popping them like candy!

EDD 1/2/02

Message Board Post - 9/9/2001

Re: Heartburn
by: Starlite_Amare (27/F/Brentwood, MD) 09/09/01 11:22 pm
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My stepfather is a paramedic, and he said it is possible for your body to become accustomed to a particular brand to the point that they stop working. He suggested that I try switching brands once a week to keep my body from becomming accustomed.

I haven't asked my doctor about Pepcid AC, he gave me a list of allowed medicines, but the only things on there for HB are Pepto Bismal and Tums.

I did learn from my stepfather WHY we get heartburn, if anyone is interested. (it's kind of gross, actually) Apparently there is a valve between your esophogus and stomach that is only supposed to work one way (let food down into the stomach) but when you are pregnant, your stomach is smooshed and fills up faster. This can actually cause the valve to work the other way, allowing stomach acids into the esophagus. Apparently the stomach has a very strong lining that the esophagus doesn't have, and therefore the esophagus gets irritated VERY easily. This is why (apparently) it is better to sleep propped up rather than flat verticle, b/c the valve is more likely to open the wrong way when you are lying down.

Anyway, this was the fun conversation that I had this weekend! Actually one of the nicer ones that I have had with him. He deals with some pretty gross stuff!

EDD 1/2/02
Re: Heartburn
by: Starlite_Amare (27/F/Brentwood, MD) 09/09/01 11:25 pm
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I just re-read my last post and realized I made a major boo boo. First I noticed that I misspelled vertical, but then I realized that it actually should have been horizontal. Kind of funny mental picture to see a bunch of pregnant women sleeping standing straight up!



The world fell apart today. Four commercial airplanes were hijaked and used in a dreadful act of terrorism. Two planes crashed into the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center, causing the collapse of those two buildings. The third plane was crashed into the Pentagon, tearing a notch 100 feet wide in the building. The fourth plane crashed in Jenerstown, PA (near Bob's house) and scattered to bits.

The media is saying that there could be anywhere from 10,000 to 50,000 deaths from this disaster. 200 firefighters alone are missing from just trying to rescue people from the world trade center before the buildings collapsed.

The president is talking war against these "faceless cowards". Patriotism is extremely high, and religion is running rampant. I am terrified that our country is going to decide to do something that we will regret, such as drop the bomb on some country that happens to be convenient.

Luckily, we are all OK. I am so happy that this baby is safe inside my womb in these troubled times.

Monthly Checkup - 9/12/2001

Weight: Gained 7 pounds
Blood pressure: good
My appointment with Dr. Margolis was postponed from yesterday to today, due to the tragedy. Since Dr. Margolis was not available today, I saw Dr. Krinn for the first time.

I really liked Dr. Krinn. She is nice, flighty, and very in-tune with what I needed. She was very willing to answer questions and dole out advice. I asked her about the heartburn, and she said that with pregnancy, all bets are off. She said I can eat tums all day and be fine, because it is not that my body is malfunctioning, but rather that my stomach muscles are relaxed due to hormonal changes.

The baby's heartbeat is just as strong as ever. It sounds like a galloping horse in there! She has scheduled me for another ultrasound on Wednesday 9/26/01. I can't wait! I also will be taking the 1 hour glucose test in my next appointment, so we will find out if I have gestational diabetes.

Message Board Post - 9/13/2001

Isis, Jamie and Ana...
by: Starlite_Amare (27/F/Brentwood, MD) 09/13/01 11:13 pm
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Welcome to the board ladies!

In this time of tragedy, it has been difficult to keep happy thoughts in my head, but knowing that we are bearing precious life strikes me as a kind of tribute in itself. A proof that life goes on even in the midst of horror.

Anyway, welcome and thank you for sharing this time with us.

EDD 01/02/02

Candlelight Vigil - 9/14/2001

The president has declared today a national day of mourning for the many who were affected by Tuesday's tragedy. At 7pm we will all light a candle to show our respect for those people.

Message Board Post - 9/15/2001

Baby Shower
by: Starlite_Amare (27/F/Brentwood, MD) 09/15/01 11:26 pm
Msg: 2261 of 2261

My baby shower is scheduled for the 13th of October. My family is handeling all of the details, which is cool, but I want to do something myself. I have seen a couple of people mention on the boards that they were going to give a small gift to each of the guests. One woman mentioned a cinamon bun in pink and blue cellophane with a note that said "From Mommy's Little Bun in the Oven".

I love the idea, but I am a HORRIBLE cook, and would likely wind up with cinamon bricks instead. I AM very crafty, though, and have been racking my brain for some kind of clever project that I can do. I know that I could just buy something, but I want this to be special, and so would like to make something myself.

Does anyone have any suggestions or ideas? I want to start working on this project soon, as October 13th is not very far away, and there will be something like 24 people at the shower!

EDD 01/02/02

Message Board Post - 9/17/2001

Re: Stubborn Baby
by: Starlite_Amare (27/F/Brentwood, MD) 09/17/01 11:07 pm
Msg: 2279 of 2290

Hi Jamie:

I think the number of ultrasounds depends on your doctor and your insurance. I will be going for my second @ 27 weeks (not long now!) but I had to ask the doctor for it. The first one was at 10 weeks and the baby had arm and leg buds but no visible sex yet.

As for the elbowing - I usually feel little swimmy feelings, like a fish is moving around in there, but every once in a while I will get a lump sticking out of some weird place. If I press it, it feels hard and rounded, like an elbow or maybe a foot. It doesn't hurt, though.

I know what you mean about the glucose test. I get mine at my next visit. I was a little heavy pre-pregnancy, and am also nervous about the outcome of the test. I am actually below my pre-pregnancy weight now, although my belly is huge.

Anyway, when we first went to our GYN, the first thing he said to me was "Don't worry, plenty of overweight women don't have any complications at all" I was PO'd because he totally volunteered this information without any kind of stimuli from me. It was like - You might be fine, even though you are fat. Still makes me mad! Sheesh!

EDD 01/02/02

Message Board Post - 9/18/2001

Highly Recommended
by: Starlite_Amare (27/F/Brentwood, MD) 09/18/01 10:23 pm
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I don't know about all of you, but since I have known I was pregnant, I have spent practically every dollar of my book budget on pregnancy books and magazines of one sort or another.

I got the essentials like 'What to Expect When You Are Expecting', some fun ones like 'She's Having a Baby and I'm Having a Breakdown', and some useless ones like a book on pregnancy yoga where the author thought it was perfectly logical for pregnant women to bend themselves into pretzel shapes (My husband forbade me to try to use that one after my leg got stuck over my shoulder and he had to help me get untangled!)

Anyway, last week I bought 'Chicken Soup for the Expectant Mother's Soul' on a whim. I have never bought a chicken soup book before because I thought they were too preachy, but I have to say that this is probably the best time I have had with a pregnancy book so far.

I started out reading one or two of the stories to Wayne, and wound up reading the whole entire book out loud over a two night period! We both loved it. Some of the stories are funny, some sweet, and some just touching. I give it my highest recommendation!

If anyone else has books that they recommend, please be sure and let me know. I love to read, and what better to read about than what we are going through right now?

EDD 01/02/02

Hospital Tour - 9/23/2001

We went on a maternity tour of the hospital on Sunday afternoon. It was kind of funny since I was probably the LEAST pregnant in the tour. Some of the women were about to pop any second now. One woman saw her Lamaze teacher in the DR, and had to reasure her that she was just on the tour!

Anyway, the tour was not that informative to me - they showed like 30 slides of the entrance (the only one that is open 24 hours!) and then walked us over there in case we hadn't seen enough in the slides. Told us how visitors could come, and walked us around the maternity ward (literally around - all the rooms were full so we could not see anything!)

Anyway, I thought it was pretty useless, but DH loved it. He said the tour must have been made for men, showing exactly where to drive up and how to get in and where the snack bar is! He now feels prepared because he says he now has a 'battle plan'!

One nice thing was they had preregistration forms so that we don't have to worry about registering in the middle of labor - I thought that was very smart.

I guess when it comes down to it, I am glad they geared it to the partners, since I will probably be in a hospital bed most of the time anyway!

Monthly Checkups - 10/9/2001

Tests: 1 hour glucose test
Weight: 243
Fundal height: 29
Notes: 28 week appointment. My uterus is measuring a little bit big - 29cm. Marcus' heartbeat is still going strong - it has slowed down a little now from the speeds we heard when he was tiny.

Our first present - 10/9/2001

We came home today and a box was on the proch. Wayne picked it up and looked at it - it was addressed to Marcus A. Drennen - his first package!

In it was a package from Jacque Curran. It was the sweetest little pant and sweatshirt outfit! I can't wait until Marcus is here so we can take a picture of him in it!

Our Baby Shower - 10/13/2001

Getting there was half the fun...

Although it was mostly women only, Wayne was invited (to be the pack horse, I discovered!) and so we drove over to my grandmother's together. We had volunteered to help decorate, so we were going to get there at 2:00, even though the shower did not officially start until 4:00. We decided to take the Beltway in what should have been a 20-25 minute drive. We left at 1:30 and got on the beltway. It was moving really slow, but I kept saying, "Don't worry, it'll clear up just over that hill..."

Well you guessed it - it did NOT clear up. Someone had hit a pedestrian and they had blocked off the entire beltway. 2 and a half hours later, we were still on the beltway, our car had overheated so Wayne turned on the HEATER! It was 82 degrees outside, and I was driving.

Then, I had a pregnant moment. I started bawling about not making it to my own shower, and how everyone was going to leave, and we should have gotten off the beltway an hour ago when he asked me to, but I didn't know any other way to get to my grandmothers. I was a mess!

So we got off at the next exit and wound up driving through this beautiful park with the autumn leaves falling like glitter and the fresh air swirling through the window and the scent of peaches in the air, and me sniffing like a two year old after a tantrum. He rubbed my back and told me everything would be OK and got out the map and managed to get us there by 4:30.

At the Shower

The shower was awesome. I was still a little weepy and I had this heat headache, but everyone just waited on me hand and foot. Two friends of mine had gone together and gotten one of those glider rockers and they had me sit in it the whole time while everyone brought me punch and food and generally just treated me like a queen.

We got more gifts than I EVER expected. This kid is going to be set for life, or at least the first 6 months! I was so overwhelmed (and of course already weepy) that I just cried through the whole gift time. Everyone was so wonderful! Luckily my mom lives 2 blocks away from us, because we filled up our car and her SUV with all of the gifts, there were so many!

We wound up not playing any games, but that was OK since everyone was having such a good time just talking. I brought my pregnancy journal and everyone looked through that, and then I asked them to write down one piece of parental wisdom down so that I could put it into the journal. Everyone was so great, and I got all of this very varied excellent advice.

Home again, home again...

Everyone left around 10:30pm! I was exhausted and just sort of vegged while my mom and Wayne packed the cars and cleaned up. I felt so bad because I didn't lift a finger all day, and I was pooped, but then I realized that I had woken up at 7:30am, and it kind of made sense why I was tired.

Wayne is so sweet. when we got home, I asked if he wanted me to carry anything in and he said 'You just carry Marcus.' Like I had this precious burden all of my own. I guess I do.

The Goods

We got lots of great gifts at the shower. Here is a list:

  • Toys and receiving blankets from Pam Schropp
  • A HUGE assortment of stuff (bottles, rubber ducky, silverware, booties, bib and much more) from Alison
  • A chickie outfit, toy giraffe, and pooh on tape from Jeanne and James P and family.
  • A boppy pillow from Randy and Vera Hatfield
  • A musical elephant, toys, and a blanket from Aunt Maggie and Aunt Abby (!)
  • A HUGE basket of goodies with clothes, blankets, and more from Jann Hooff
  • A swing and a snuggli from Great Grandma Hazel and Great Granddad
  • A playard from Great Grandmom and Great Granddad and Great Grandma Hazel
  • Several books and some sweet clothes from Laurie
  • Maternity clothes, a bathtub, books, and winter gear from Grandma Bonnie
  • An awesome rocking chair with gliding ottoman from Dolores and Margaret Powell
  • Several adorable outfits from Dana DeRoche

Marcus Alexander Drennen Has Arrived - 1/3/2002

Marcus Alexander Drennen was born on December 27, 2001. He was 9 pounds, 11 ounces, and 21.75 inches long. He has 10 fingers and 10 toes and the cutest little button nose which he got from his mom. His eyes are deep blue and he has no hair on his head, but he does have little tufts of hair sprouting on the tops of his ears. I call him my little werewolf. He had a touch of jaundice, but that has cleared up now. All we had to do was set him in the sun. You should have seen Coopurr's face when his patch of sun got stolen byt the baby. Boy was he mad!

Being new parents is an experience I could never wish on anyone, yet I wish absolutely everyone could experience it. We vaccilate between complete exhaustion and the most complete and consuming love that either of us has ever felt. It is amazing. This is an exciting and kind of scary time for us. The animals, on the other hand, are taking it completely in stride.