Software Downloads

Wayne is one of those rare programmers that receives great joy out of programming. His favorite slogan, "Better Living Through Visual Programming" says it all. Not only does he program all day at work, but he then comes home in the evenings and weekends and writes code for fun. His love of programming shows in the quality of every project he completes. He is a master programmer.

Usually, the programs that he writes are just for us. I always say that I love being married to a programmer because the instant I say "I wish I could do ...." He comes up with a way to do it. The programs that you will find here are a result of that process.

Software Tools

WAD Color Picker - This is one of the programs that Wayne wrote that I cannot immagine living without. It is an absolute must for anyone in the graphics, publishing, web design, or programming industries.

We have a number of other programs that we will be putting online in the near future. Wayne has done his part in writing them, but I still have to write the documentation :-) Keep an eye on this space for the following programs:

  • WAD Paper - a comprehensive desktop background program and image editing tool.
  • WAD Media Player - an alternative to the other programs out there. Uses few resources, and reads movies and music. Comprehensive play list options.
  • WAD Email Checker - a quickie program that uses less resources to let you know when you have new mail on an account.
  • WAD Ruler - a simple ruler utility that stays on top of an open application, and yet allows you to work in that application.
  • WAD Graphic Viewer - another simple program that allows you to preview graphics in any folder.
  • Investor's Club - a stock market game based loosely on a 1970's Milton Bradley board game.
  • WAD Word - an orriginal word game. Warning: Extremely Addictive.
  • WAD Puzzler - a simple concept that takes pictures on your computer and turns them into image altering puzzles - you will find yourself taking certain pictures just because "This would make a good puzzle picture".